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Elizabeth Gutierrez & Trevor Barnard
An invaluable, quick reference tool for any teacher, performer or student of the piano who desires an extensive listing of the most significant works composed for solo piano. Accurate, concise and thoroughly researched entries provide an at-a-glance overview of a composer's output, with information on difficulty levels, opus numbers, movement titles, publisher sources and so forth. Whether searching for new material or refreshing one's perspective, this portable database of information will prove itself indispensable for repertoire study and planning. A must-have resource for any pianist's bookshelf or piano.

Publisher: Hal Leonard
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FHM1500 Celebrate Piano! Teacher's Guide
Albergo, Kolar, Mrozinski
Publisher: Frederick Harris
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C4A Celebration Series Answer Bk for Student Wkbks
RCM Examinations
An indispensable companion to the Student Workbooks (Preparatory to Level 8), teachers and parents will find the Answer Book to be a useful, convenient, and time-saving resource.
Publisher: Frederick Harris
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C4T Celebration Series Handbook for Teachers
Cathy Albergo, Reid Alexander, & Blickenstaff
Written by three of North America's leading piano pedagogues - Cathy Albergo, Reid Alexander, and Marvin Blickenstaff - the Handbook for Teachers is a comprehensive teaching resource that provides a detailed discussion of all of the pieces in the Piano Repertoire and Piano Studies/Etudes books. Teachers will welcome the sequencing by difficulty of pieces in each level, the useful practice suggestions, and the creative activities that assist in lesson planning.
Publisher: Frederick Harris
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HL00331525 Debussey Remembered
Roger Nichols
An anthology of vivid and revealing memoirs, Debussy Remembered includes recollections from a wide range of Debussy's friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.


Publisher: Amadeus Presser
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HL 00331093 EVENINGS WITH HOROWITZ A Personal Portrait
David Dubal
Evenings with Horowitz details a special friendship between two musicians. The book is a vivid account of their mutual passion for music and the piano. It reflects the struggles and triumphs of Vladimir Horowitz, a flaming genius who was also insecure and fearful of old age and the loss of his powers. In his conversations with the author, the Maestro reveals the agony and the ecstasy of a pianist's career and his love and awe for the great composers whose music he played.
Softcover with CD
Publisher: Amadeus Press
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HL00331243 Gershwin Remembered
Edward Jablonski
The life and work of Gershwin recalled by friends, colleagues, associates, and pupils, including Koussevitsky, Schoenberg, Richard Rodgers, and his brother Ira.


Publisher: Amadeus Press
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253336465 Guide To Pianist's Reportiore 3rd Edition
Maurice Hinson
The New Hinson—with 120 more composers than before!
"The Hinson" has been indispensable for performers, teachers, and students. Now updated and expanded, it's better than ever, with 120 more composers, expertly guiding pianists to solo literature and answering the vital questions: What's available? How difficult is it? What are its special features? How does one reach the publisher?

The "new Hinson" includes solo compositions of nearly 2,000 composers, with biographical sketches of major composers. Every entry offers description, publisher, number of pages, performance time, style and characteristics, and level of difficulty. Extensively revised, this new edition is destined to become a trusted guide for years to come.

Publisher: Indiana University Press
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A26255 Improvisation at the Piano
Brian Chung and Dennis Thurmond
Improvisation at the Piano
A Systematic Approach for the Classically Trained Pianist
This unique text uses a step-by-step approach to guide the reader from fundamental concepts to advanced topics in improvisation. Each subject is broken into easy to understand segments, gradually becoming more complex as improvisational tools are acquired. Designed for the classically trained pianist with little or no experience in improvisation, it uses the reader’s previous knowledge of basic theory and technique to help accelerate the learning process. Included are more than 450 music examples and illustrations to reinforce the concepts discussed. These concepts are useful in all improvisational settings and can be applied to any musical style. For pianists interested in jazz, there are three chapters dedicated to introducing jazz improvisation, which can be used as the basis for further study in this idiom. Teachers using this text can go online to www.improvisationatthepiano.com to download lesson plans, ask specific questions about improvisation, and view answers to the most frequently asked questions about this book. 232 pages.
Publisher: Alfred
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Richard Troeger
In this concise and accessible volume, a noted keyboard artist and Bach specialist takes a fresh look at the performance of J. S. Bach's keyboard music. Addressing the nonspecialist player, Richard Troeger presents a wide range of historical information and discusses its musical applications. The author shares accounts of the musical styles Bach employed and the instruments he knew. In direct and pragmatic terms, he clarifies the importance of notational and style details as guides to the composer's intentions, particularly emphasizing changes in notational norms between Bach's time and the present. Troeger offers core information on dynamics, articulation, tempo, rhythm, ornamentation and accompaniment. He considers controversial issues as well, establishing the importance of the clavichord in Bach's milieu and examining the link between baroque music and rhetoric – a dramatic relationship that can bring great vitality to performance.

Publisher: Amadeus Presser
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ELM03004A Practical Piano Pedagogy: The Definitive Text for Piano Teachers & Pedagogy Students
Dr. Martha Baker-Jordan
Practical Piano Pedagogy by Dr. Martha Baker-Jordan is a comprehensive 468-page pedagogy text for ALL piano teachers including those future teachers who are currently enrolled in pedagogy courses in colleges and universities. This definitive pedagogy text will teach readers how to use any teaching materials in a better, more organized, and pedagogically sound way. Includes an up-to-date, state-of-the-art CD-ROM for Mac and PC enabling teachers to adapt and personalize more than 40 forms for use in their own teaching studios. Information on the business of piano teaching, technical tips, learning styles, methods and materials, technology, jazz in the traditional lesson, motivation, and many teaching tips make this text indispensable for not only aspiring teachers but also for more experienced ones who desire to improve and enhance their current teaching.
Publisher: Warner Bros.
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A21231 Professional Piano Teaching, Book 1
Jeanine M. Jacobson / ed. E. L. Lancaster
A Comprehensive Piano Pedagogy Textbook for Teaching Elementary-Level Students
Written by a teacher with 25 years experience as an independent piano teacher and a 20-year tenure at the college level, this textbook is an excellent introduction to the profession of teaching piano. Edited by E. L. Lancaster. Topics include: principles of learning; choosing beginning piano methods; teaching concepts to beginners and elementary students; teaching rhythm, reading, technique and musicality; choosing and presenting repertoire; group teaching; teaching preschoolers; the business aspects of teaching; and the evaluation of teaching. Special features include: discussions on how to teach-not just what to teach, analysis of common problems of beginners with suggested solutions, numerous musical examples, chapter summaries, suggested projects for new and experienced teachers, detailed lesson plans for private and group lessons, and sample business forms and policy statements for independent teachers. 396 pages.
Includes the Following Selection:

Publisher: Alfred
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HL00331521 The Composer-Pianists Hamelin & the Eight
Robert Rimm
In The Composer-Pianists: Hamelin and The Eight, Robert Rimm writes about eight legendary, enigmatic, and interrelated composer-pianists of the instrument's golden age and goes on to consider their present-day advocate and astounding interpreter Marc-André Hamelin, whose dynamic playing and engaging personality immediately impressed Rimm upon their first encounter. Rimm portrays The Eight (Alkan, Busoni, Feinberg, Godowsky, Medtner, Rachmaninov, Scriabin, and Sorabji) as the piano's aural sensualists and explores the relationships among their music, their music-making, their ideas, and their lives. HARDCOVER.

Publisher: Amadeus Press
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